Serve your customers, let us bring them in.

from the small details,
to the big vision,
Genz manages the marketing side,
so restaurants have a clear strategy,
to bring customers through the door. 


Restaurant Marketers.

Our role

We answer your customer's questions, and solve your problems with the right marketing products for your business.

Point of contact

We coordinate sub-contractors to work towards your business goals, and provide direct responsibility.

Customer Information

All marketing strategies lead to the collection of customer information. This allows us to increase revenue with loyal customers.


Data, customer service and efficiency.

Digital Management

Stay informed and connected.

Dedicate your time to improving the operations of your business. Stay in regular contact with our team with daily support and monthly calls, and we'll use our expertise to bring people to your restaurant.

  • Instagram and Facebook management
  • Instagram follower growth software
  • Daily support using our chat box
  • Monthly 'Zoom' strategy meetings
  • Cardless Direct Debit payments
  • Clear billing dates with an online account

Customer Data

Turn customers into loyal supporters.

Collect your customer’s online profiles in one list. Understand the people visiting your restaurant, and convert them into regulars.

  • Customer experience management
  • Customer data management
  • Customer list growth
  • Integrated voucher system

Content Creation

Dreams come to fruition.

Tell us what menu items you'd like to shoot. Share your ideas with our dedicated support team, and watch our team guide your vision into reality.

  • Unique Instagram and Facebook posts
  • Captions that make people stop and read
  • Creative graphics that make people smile
  • Content you'd proudly show to your network


Create additional revenue.

Find new markets. Test your products on new audiences, and create additional revenue streams.

  • Audience research team
  • Advertising campaign management
  • Facebook advertising specialists

Money generated for past clients.

We generated £3213 per month for Chatime Liverpool, £4384 per month for Bing House, and £2024 per month for Chatime York.

Our competitors

Affordable solutions.


Minimum Wage Staff

£1596.00 Month
National Insurance Pay
Holiday Pay
6 Month's Content
Content Consultation
Content Direction

Marketing Manager

£2851.25 Month
£499.99 Shoot
2 30-second videos
Product Shoot
6 Month's Content
Content Consultation
Content Direction
Based on 5 reviews.
Jakub Suwala
Jakub Suwala
I approached GenZ about creating a professional logo for my new startup, and I've got to say they did a great job! I'm very pleased with the detail and composition of the logo; it was exactly what I wanted to have. Fab job! Thanks guys!
Jainish Patel
Jainish Patel
Having worked for Genz ltd as a photographer on a chaitime york project, I would definitely recommend working with them as they were very straight forward with what they wanted me to do and had great communication with me throughout the whole project.
Mo Manla
Mo Manla
I have been working with GENZ LTD for over 4 months during the pandemic, and they really helped to increase the number of people that follow us on Instagram. Even that helped to get more costumers into the restaurant or even to order takeaways. Thank you GENZ Ltd for all of your hard work
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
Gen Z is an amazing company to work with for any digital needs. They're absolutely professional about their work and accurate when it comes to design, growth, or achieving targets. I would highly recommend anyone to work with them if you want your product to be an instant hit because everything they do is so on point. Completely satisfied with their work and 10/10 would recommend them!
Thank you for my logo design!

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